The Yahyel The Shalanaya First Contact Aliens

Yahyel. First Contact with the Yahyel the Shalanaya. New book describes their culture, customs etc. If you’re into UFOs, aliens, extraterrestrials and more, this book is for you!

The Yahyel The Yahyel are our extraterrestrial brothers and sisters who live on another planet not far from us. This

Yahyel Once Music Video Electronic Band Yahyel Tokyo

Yahyel Once Latest Music Video Release Japanese Electronic Music Band Tokyo

Yahyel Once Latest Music Video Release from the Japanese Electronic Music Band Yahyel Yahyel Once. Latest music video from the

Yahyel Channelings Ishuwa Shaun Swanson

Yahyel Channelings by Shaun Swanson. The Knowledge Is Within You. Ishuwa

Yahyel Channelings by Shaun Swanson In this recent video of Yahyel channelings Shaun Swanson channels Ishuwa about how important it

Ishuwa Yahyel

Yahyel Message. Ishuwa of the Yahyel. UFO Over Hawaii, The Pilot’s Perspective

Ishuwa Yahyel Ishuwa Yahyel Message through Shaun Swanson regarding Ishuwa’s view from one of his spacecraft.

Yahyel Message Channeled by Jonathon C Martin

Yahyel Message. Jonathon C Martin channels.

Yahyel Message Yahyel Message. Another great message from the Yahyel. This one channeled by Jonathon C Martin.

ET Whisperer Channels The Yahyel

ET Whisperer Channels The Yahyel. Galactic Message

ET Whisperer Channels The Yahyel ET Whisperer. A great connection with The Yahyel via the ET Whisperer. He channels other

Yahyel Channeling. Messages channeled by Wieteke Koolhof

Yahyel Channeling. Yahyel Messages through Wieteke Koolhof.

Yahyel Channeling Yahyel Channeling. A great message from the Yahyel about utilising alternate lives to help heal your own. Channeled

Yahyel Messages Makeo Lim

Yahyel Messages. Makeo Lim Channels The Yahyel

Yahyel Messages Yahyel Messages. Another great message from The Yahyel. This one comes to us via channeler Makeo Lim.

Ishuwa of the Yahyel

Ishuwa of the Yahyel Channeled Message by Shaun Swanson

Ishuwa of the Yahyel Ishuwa of the Yahyel explains why Phoenix, Arizona was chosen as the location for their contact.

Phoenix Lights

The Arizona Phoenix Lights are not what you think

Phoenix Lights I really didn’t want to post this post about the Phoenix Lights, and, believe me, I don’t just

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