Yahyel. First Contact with the Yahyel the Shalanaya. New book describes their culture, customs etc. If you’re into UFOs, aliens, extraterrestrials and more, this book is for you!

The Yahyel

The Yahyel
The Yahyel are our extraterrestrial brothers and sisters who live on another planet not far from us. This is not science fiction. This is reality.

Find out when they’re due to make open, world contact with the human race, and how you can have individual contact with them before then in this remarkable book:

Avatars of the Phoenix Lights UFO: Ishuwa and the Yahyel

(If you’d like to make private contact with an alien race before the official contact time, not necessarily with The Yahyel, read ‘Contact Aliens in 30 Days‘ )

The Alliance of Worlds / Interstellar Alliance / The Federation / Collective Galactic Consciousness / Galactic Federation / The Collective / and other descriptions of the extraterrestrial alliance or association of worlds that has been watching Earth for aeons has read the energy of Earth and decided that real contact is due.

It’s been revealed that the quarantine period of Earth for open contact with galactic civilisations ended on a well-known date 21st/22nd December 2012.

To prepare for this governments, some with the assistance of the United Nations, have discussed the Extraterrestrial Contact Act, given guides and powers to those who may be required to meet extraterrestrials, disclosed records of sightings of extraterrestrial ships online and even had discussions with the Pope and the Catholic Church about the possibility of extraterrestrial contact to make sure that some world religions are ready. The time of official contact is not far off. Be prepared by reading up on The Yahyel, the first race designated to make official contact with Earth when we are ready. And that time is just around the corner.
Find out more in:

Avatars of the Phoenix Lights UFO: Ishuwa and the Yahyel
About the book
From beyond Earth comes eternal wisdom that is shared by the pilots of the Phoenix Lights UFO. “Discover who we really are.”

This book documents the conversations that took place between a terrestrial human from Earth and an extraterrestrial human named Ishuwa. Ishuwa is part of our galactic family.

“Hello, my name is Ishuwa. I am a descendant of your world and a translator for several extra-terrestrial societies in your galactic family.”

“On March 13, 1997, my society, the Yahyel, made visual contact with thousands of people on Earth in what is now known as the “Phoenix Lights” UFO sighting. Human ETs from several planets were aboard our spacecraft with us as we flew over the State of Arizona in America.”

“We have been invited by your world’s collective consciousness to be one of the first of your galactic family to return and have open peaceful contact with you face to face and heart to heart!”

“We are returning now to share with you your true history and the expansive knowledge of where you come from, how you got here, and who you really are.”

The Yahyel live on a beautiful planet. They live in harmony with their planet and all forms of life on it. They live in harmony with each other. They deeply appreciate us and our world. They know we made it possible for them to be born in the amazing and fascinating Universe they live in now. In a sense, they are bringing timeless knowledge from outer-space that helps us understand how to fully enjoy our living-space and our heart’s inner-space. They remind us how to once again live in harmony with Earth and with each other, and they help us remember that we truly are magnificent and loving beings. The ET & T conversations in this book reveal details that will allow you to more effortlessly access your wisdom and playful inner heart and thus be ready to more fully enjoy the multitude of fascinating events that are just beginning to unfold on your ascending Earth!

About the Channeler and Researcher
Shaun is an author, a teacher, and a channel for members of our human extraterrestrial family including Ishuwa of the Yahyel, Arvantis of the Arkoreuns, and Onkor of the Sassani. Shaun has appeared on television and radio programs. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Economics from the University of California at Santa Barbara, UCSB. Since 1996, Shaun has been doing channeling consultations as a form of counseling and healing for people pursuing spiritual growth, self-empowerment, personal transformation, and self-realization. He teaches on topics that include: “The Reality Creation Process”, “The Nature and Structure of Our Infinitely Supportive Youniverse”, “The Four Laws of Creation”, and “How To Always Create in Harmony With Our Heart’s Infinite Ecstasies!” Shaun is co-author of the book “Feline Humans: A Timeless Exchange of Love and Light.”

Jefferson Viscardi has a Ph.D. degree, Philosopher of Metaphysical Life Coaching, from the University of Metaphysical Sciences distance learning facility. He is certified by the International Association of Reiki Professionals as a Reiki healer, level III, in the Usui System of natural healing. He teaches on topics related to extraterrestrials, our galactic family, and Christ consciousness. Jefferson is co-author of “Feline Humans: A Timeless Exchange of Love and Light.” and “The Circle of Light and The Philosopher”. He is the author of “Insights with Adronis from Sirius” and the book written in Portuguese “Construindo uma Sociedade Iluminada.”

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Avatars of the Phoenix Lights UFO: Ishuwa and the Yahyel

Below. Sketches of what The Yahyel may look like, extrapolated from verbal descriptions by Bashar and drawn by the administrator of this website.

Baby Yahyel

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Young Female Yahyel

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Young Male Yahyel

Tags: Man, boy, gentleman, men, boys, gentlemen, hybrid boy

.Female Yahyel

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Contact Aliens Within 30 Days. A 2015 How to Guide for Positive, Passionate and Loving People Wishing to Contribute to Extraterrestrial Communities (Expansion Series)

We’ve all had alien contact. All 7 billion of us. We just don’t remember it.

Do you want to remember your encounter with aliens?
Do you want to have a new alien experience that you can remember?
Did you know it is much easier than you think?

With the use of metaphysical techniques, ManuS brings what was once thought almost impossible, into the everyday.

This comprehensive ebook gives you a step by step, day by day plan, with advice, examples and exercises, to enable you to change yourself so that you can make alien contact within your life a reality.

This title is not for everyone and it is absolutely necessary that you wish to meet aliens out of a curiosity or excitement, not a need. You need to have an extremely positive and happy outlook, and so the guide is written with this in mind, and assists in getting your joy level even higher.

Contact Aliens Within 30 Days. A 2015 How to Guide for Positive, Passionate and Loving People Wishing to Contribute to Extraterrestrial Communities” is the first of its kind. While many other titles exist describing hundreds of thousands of personal alien contact situations, no one has written down the steps of how to get there in this way before.

About the ebook version: Even if you decide that this ebook is not for you, by simply downloading it you are sending a vote out to the aliens waiting for us to be ready, that another person might be ready. It’ll reach critical mass soon, so let’s do our part by showing aliens in personal contact situations that we’re ready so that they’ll bring Official First Contact forward.

We hope you find this book useful and wish you a fantastic time during your next alien contact experience.

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Contact Aliens Within 30 Days ebook version

New! Now available in paperback!


Contact Aliens Within 30 Days paperback version


UFO Witness Declaration on The Yahyel Website. Print This Statement And Distribute To Your Leaders And Friends

The following information has been supplied for worldwide distribution. Initially it is focused on the government of the USA and so if everyone in the world adds it to parts of their website then the ones who need to read it will eventually read it. Scroll down to read this very important piece of information. It is one of the early steps that eventually lead to world wide disclosure on the existence of extraterrestrials and aliens, which then leads to worldwide acceptance and eventually official First Contact. Let’s get the ball rolling by getting this statement out around the world.

This is for full distribution worldwide. If you would like a pdf you can download it from Bashar.org here 

If you would like to put this on your website or blog, please write an introductory paragraph like this one but not the same as this one. 

Google will drop the ranking of extremely similar pages so if a thousand people put up a hundred thousand almost identical pages featuring this declaration, Google will drop all those website to number 500,000 on their search results, for example. 

We need this message to get out there quickly, be indexed and be easily available so please spend some time writing a unique introductory paragraph. 

Below is the UFO Witness Declaration. Please keep the actual declaration exactly as it is as it must remain the same. Do not change the declaration in any way. Just add a new paragraph above it to explain it for search engines.

Many thanks – ManuS


FACT: From 1982 to 1985, large triangular and boomerang-shaped UFOs were reported over the Hudson Valley by over 7,000 credible witnesses, including police and officials at the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant.

FACT: In 1989 and 1990, large triangular and rectangular unidentified flying objects, one the size of an aircraft carrier, were reported over Belgium by over 2,000 witnesses, including police and military personnel.

FACT: In 1997, multiple sightings of a mile long boomerang-shaped UFO were reported over the state of Arizona by over 10,000 witnesses, including police, military personnel and Republican Governor Fife Symington.

We make no claims as to the nature or origin of these UFOs. However, those who have taken the time and effort to conduct serious, in-depth investigations into these reports know that these sightings are of real, physical crafts and are indisputable FACTS. Thousands of such sightings of physical crafts of unknown origin have been reported throughout the world for decades by credible witnesses, yet most who report such sightings are treated with ridicule, disbelief, scorn and even threats.

In light of the facts, we who have witnessed such unexplained crafts no longer accept this cynical mindset as realistic or credible.

Those of us who are witnesses to the UFO phenomenon know they exist for a fact. This is not an issue of speculation for such witnesses. However, we do not insist that non-witnesses must believe such objects exist, only that witnesses be treated with respect and that we deserve the same fairness and courtesy afforded to any individual or group who honestly expresses their point of view without fear of ridicule, punishment or persecution.

Recent polls clearly demonstrate that more than 50% of Americans believe that UFOs are a real phenomenon that deserves legitimate recognition and serious study by open-minded, qualified scientists, rather than being summarily dismissed as misperceptions, fantasies, hoaxes or hallucinations by cynical, unqualified debunkers. Over 36 million Americans have seen a UFO.

To put this statistic in political terms, these witnesses are also voters.

Therefore, we urge all who agree with the spirit of this declaration to send copies of this letter to their representatives, public officials, the media, the police, the military, airline officials, NASA and all candidates running for any public office to assure them that our votes will go only to those who acknowledge the UFO phenomenon as real and deserving of serious scientific investigation and who publicly endorse fairness and respect toward any witness who reports a UFO.


Alien Characters. Illustrated Metaphysical Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories for Children.

Have you found it a challenge to discover appropriate children’s books that can inform them subtly about the existence of aliens in the galaxy in a friendly way?

The Alien Characters series can help. It’s a fun series set in a more obviously metaphysical universe where all the aliens get along and their challenges and discoveries are what creates the story. The writer is a huge fan of Bashar, Abraham, Seth, P’Taah, Ra and other channeled entities, including of course The Yahyel, and the wisdom these entities have imparted over the years guides the structure of the series.

The first series discovered various aliens living separately in the Large Magellanic Cloud which come together at the end of the year in a galactic conference. The second series gets them working together aboard the Celestial Breeze, a cylindrical mother ship with 37 circular environments, bigger than New Zealand. They travel the galaxy, with their companion planet Elizabeth, collecting more aliens. Series three is mostly set in a negative universe where they need to use their skills to combat a terrible alien menace taking over that galaxy. Series four is back in our universe and is mostly set in the void between the Large Magellanic Cloud Galaxy and the Milky Way Galaxy.

Their main mission? To discover new aliens and connect their galaxy and ours in friendship.

The books and ebooks are available through Amazon with monthly releases planned. Click here to find out more and read excerpts from the series. Or visit the main site here: Alien Characters

The latest title in printed form is book #19 Alien Grace.

Alien Grace - 01