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Yahyel Channelers. Shaun Swanson and Wieteke Koolhof on Channeling The Yahyel

Yahyel Channelers Amazing interview with two of the most well-known Yahyel Channelers! Shaun Swanson who channels Ishuwa and Wieteke Koolhof who channels Arjun. How they got into channeling, when they

Yahyel Channelings Ishuwa Shaun Swanson

Yahyel Channelings by Shaun Swanson. The Knowledge Is Within You. Ishuwa

Yahyel Channelings by Shaun Swanson In this recent video of Yahyel channelings Shaun Swanson channels Ishuwa about how important it is to pursue joy.

Ishuwa Yahyel

Yahyel Message. Ishuwa of the Yahyel. UFO Over Hawaii, The Pilot’s Perspective

Ishuwa Yahyel Ishuwa Yahyel Message through Shaun Swanson regarding Ishuwa’s view from one of his spacecraft.