Yahyel Once Music Video Electronic Band Yahyel Tokyo

Yahyel Once Latest Music Video Release Japanese Electronic Music Band Tokyo

Yahyel Once Latest Music Video Release from the Japanese Electronic Music Band Yahyel

Yahyel Once. Latest music video from the Tokyo Electronic Music Band Yahyel. Japanese House. Just released July 2016. Scroll down to watch and listen to the latest release.

In 2015 a Japanese Music Band called Yahyel was born in Tokyo. The Yahyel Electronic Music Band is a group of 3 Tokyo Japanese artists Shun, Miru and Wataru, recreating the LA beat style of sound. Flowing, slightly smokey music with some blues style singing and a post-dubstep mood. Easy listening electronica. Not harsh like techno can be. They’ve performed live in London and Tokyo (2016) They’ve released a number of tracks including Fool, Glory Box, Midnight Run and their latest release below Yahyel Once

Yahyel Electronic Music Band from Tokyo Logo
Yahyel Electronic Music Band from Tokyo

You can listen to the others on Sound Cloud and you can find out more about the band at their official site Yahyel2015.com

While the music is in no way alien and is quite mainstream, the marketing suggests an otherworldly interest. Their slogan is ‘Encounter the Third Kind’ so, a tribute band to The Yahyel?

Check out their latest song Yahyel Once below

Yahyel Once Music Video

The Tokyo Yahyel Band is not the same people that released an album of techno music on Amazon entitled Yahyel. That album is by a group called Infectious and is a compilation by various techno artists released by Treyy G. It definitely is worth a mention, though, as there are some awesome beats there. You can find out more about the album here:

Yahyel Infectious Treyy G

If you know of any other bands creating music under the name Yahyel, or any other businesses for that matter, please update us in the comments below. My belief is that having the word ‘Yahyel’ in the public consciousness means the name will be easier for people to recognise and say when The Yahyel arrive.